Creating an account: To create your account in 4Winds you just have to click in “Publish”, fill the “Create an Account” form and wait for your confirmation email!

Login in your account: Just click in “Publish” while logged out and fill the “Sing In” form.

Publishing your work: Click in “Publish” while Logged In and select the type of work you want to submit.

If it is a Story or Comic, you will first create the Front Page of it, with the tittle; synopsis; tags and mark it as mature content if needed. After that repeat the first two steps, click in “New Chapter from existing story/comic”, and submit the actual work.

Likes: The 13 most liked works of the site will be displayed at the Home Page of 4Winds, so always remember to like your favorite artist works so you can put it in the Home Page and have some Feedback!

Translations: To translate a story, click in “Translate this story” and translate the tittle and synopsis. After that, wait for the author’s approval. Once you have it, go to a chapter of the story and click in “Translate this chapter”. Just that!

Any questions you may have, please contact us here.